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Can Sincere Prayer and the Fruit and Power of the Holy Spirit Help You Do What God Calls You to Do?

Some weeks ago I was asked to speak and also teach on prayer and I waited as well as actually said “No”. Why did I say “No”? I explained to the person who asked me that it would be best if you simply went and hoped. I assume that was what occurred. I do really hope that was what took place. Lots of Christians are so mentally sickly, sickly, and lacking in spiritual vitality that they can not stay with petition for even more than a few minutes at once. That can be true. Job at it. Be figured out. Sow and also gain the blessings and also benefits. Through Christ you can definitely, certainly do anything God puts before you. These words are so useful when I really feel so weak.

It Is Most Unwise to Reject the Powerful Effective Advice Which Almighty God Offers Each of Us!

Just How would Almighty God manage an adulterous nation? The centres of praise had actually come to be corrupt. Look for the Lord, otherwise! Now that is strong, and is virtually repulsive. Yes, that is what Amos the prophet of God prophesied and also taught and also talked. Some would not desire to hear this type of thing, after that neither today, but it just happened to be real, and just occurs to be true. It will resemble a fire without a fire brigade. It can seem like that in our supposed advanced culture today. Seek the Lord, or else! Since is strong, and is practically undesirable. Yes, that is what Amos the prophet of God prophesied as well as preached as well as spoke. Some would not wish to hear this sort of point, then neither today, yet it simply occurred to be true, and also just takes place to be real.

My Recent Reading and Study of the Book of the Prophet Amos Has Been So Challenging and Relevant!

In my recent reading as well as study of Amos Phase 5, this scene starts with lamentation and also finishes with the threat of expulsion. Just how unfortunate everything is! When that happens individuals are hurt and also injured and also damaged. When God mentions seeking He does so because individuals have actually not been looking for! How does this use to you? Take God’s word seriously as well as respond prophetically and positively.

The Prophetic Word Has Much to Teach, Inspire and Encourage in These Challenging Days

Reading and also researching the publication of the prophet Amos has actually been so informing as well as guaranteeing in these current times. The Lord God Almighty is talking. Amos reminds his audiences regarding That is actually speaking and he is just the message young boy. The only one who can actually assist the countries is the one who was birthed in a privy in Bethlehem of Judea, and who became a woodworker’s pupil in the Highlands of Galilee – in Nazareth – Jesus Christ, the Child of God, our Saviour and also Lord and also Rescuer. This message is a message which requires to be proclaimed to individuals in these present days.

Do Shadows and Darknesses Appear in Your Life and What You Long for Is Light, Freedom, and Love?

A guy might never ever be taken to court as a result of his thoughts, however when it relocates into words, acts as well as activity, the scenario modifications. Do you ever before really feel there is a darkness which comes once in a while and also appears to cross your path and also dim your future hopes as well as desires? May show up only now and then, or might it increase its foreboding presence all also often? Does it have that tendency to avoid your life from being worthwhile and prosperous as well as effective? What is the purpose of fruit and also success and success? God would certainly have us be rewarding and also create seed which in turn may produce even more fruit. It does not constantly occur this way yet that does not create us to avoid the opportunities.

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