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God’s Controversy for The End Times

Nature feeds us while taking care of all life in the world. If one has a brain to assume as well as to ponder what makes it so after that one should additionally see the mind of God at work. Yet, regrettably, this is not the situation with the bulk.

Super Mall of Enlightenment – The Homecoming Dress

Enlightenment. Is it the awakening of one’s self, as in a slow mild go back to consciousness or is it “I woke up”, as in a fast shocked awareness? Something to ponder, is it one or the other, can it be either or is it both?

Misconceptions About Psychics

Never having experienced a psychic reading before, your assumptions might be manipulated because of the huge quantity of false information about psychics, astrologers and also numerologists, mediums, as well as various other comparable experts. As in any kind of market, there are both treacherous and also respectable specialists in the psychic area. We’ve come across both, though far even more good ones than poor.

I AM – ‘What Is’, Not ‘What If’

It has to do with allowing go of ‘What happens if’ and letting ‘What Is’ currently to function to it’s capability. It has to do with releasing and letting Life conquer you as well as become you – that’s surrender. That’s letting go of controlling this Life Force we often call God, or this God we in some cases call Life – or Presence, Recognition, Higher Awareness, Spirit etc. For it is of regardless of what you call ‘It’ as long as you call It and let it conquer and become your lifestyle. It’s no much longer enough to purposely know that you are God. It’s time to experience It as a way of living, as Life It’s Self.

You’re Saved, But Are You a Christian?

Have you ever had one of those “aw-ha” minutes when something you recognized with yet never truly considered was revealed to you? Ask on your own the question, “Am I a Christian or simply saved?”.

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