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Your Personalized Weekly Tarot Reading 🃏🔮 31 MAY – 6 JUNE, 2021

This is your reading from may 31st to june 7th. Let’s, get started, okay, so, as always want to take a deep breath in and exhale now think of a number between one and three one, two or three.

If you chose card number one, this is your week to really just focus on how far you’ve come and just give yourself that pat on the back right. This is the eight of pentacles which pretty much is showing you know the alkalates on the wall, the diplomas on your wall and just pretty much saying, look at what i’ve accomplished.

But one thing i’ve noticed with this card. Um, that is incredibly important, is not to tie our self-worth with our um accomplishments right because we really do live in a society where it’s like well, you know: where did you go to school? You know what? What do you do for a living that’s, not who we are right? That is just what we do right, so try and use this week to separate yourself from what you’ve achieved yeah, give yourself a pat on the back, but also realize that there is something within your birthright that you were born with that allowed.

You to create these opportunities and create these um rewards for yourself just saying you know i’m only this because of what i’ve accomplished. No, you were you and that’s, why you were able to accomplish these things, so praise yourself for uh being born the person that you are and then afterwards you can start to giving praise for what you’ve accomplished with the Energy that you were born with, if you chose car number two, we have the two of uh wands and it’s funny because this card um before it popped out, the full card was like face up in my deck, which is really weird, because When i shuffle all the cards are face down, so this is saying to pretty much take a risk right like it’s really blatantly obvious, saying, take a risk, because what you put out there it does come back.

You know i just saw this quote today where i’m like duh, but i need to hear it and it was the universe wants to see you ex succeed. You know we’re, so surprised when something good happens to us and it’s like wait.

Hold on the universe wants this for us right, so at the end of the day, take that risk put it out there. As i’m saying this, my my time was saying 333, so yeah create your opportunities. Put it out there.

The universe wants to bless you because the more blessings you have, the more you’re, going to be spreading to other people. You know and the more you spread to other people, the more you’re doing you know, god’s, work; the universe’s; work of just um flowing that abundance to others all right.

If you chose card number, three, this card was face down, so that means it’s, something that’s rooted in your subconscious that you don’t necessarily want to look at just because it’s. A lot easier to just say: no, i’m, not ready to do the work.

I’m, not ready to kind of pull this energy out and just look at it. Look at the shadow side dissect it and then release it, and that is when it comes to a past relationship. A past experience you did move on, maybe a little bit too hastily, and now there’s a little bit of bad blood, maybe not on your part, but on the other person’s, part where it’s, like you Know what i’m done with this person.

I’m done with this situation. I’m. Moving on, i’m, not looking back it empowered you, but it also left you up um for left. You open and vulnerable to negativity and negative attacks right and as much as we can say whatever they can feel whatever they want, etc, etc.

If you’re, not actively protecting yourself constantly like going to bed with mad crystals, and you know constantly putting a bubble protection around you constantly putting that arm, rub yeah, you’re gonna, be you’re gonna, Be affected by somebody sending you negativity and bad blood.

So if i were you, i would go back in your memory bank. It should be the first thing you think of when you just kind of walked away without even giving it a second thought or giving that second chance use this mercury retrograde period to just look back on it and just change the the narrative right.

And then you change the memory and then that changes the energetic code of it and then hopefully that’s enough to clear it. If you need help, you know where to reach me. I’m vanessa at beyond your sun sign.

You can find me on instagram or you can email me directly, love you guys so much. I hope you have an amazing week and i will see you next week. Bye

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