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Your Weekly Tarot Reading December 28, 2020-January 4, 2021 | Pick A Card – #1, #2 OR #3

Always Keep Your Faith In Jesus

Jesus is Higher than your scenarios, More than the adverse thing, that holds you. To contact the Name of Jesus is to see a new way, to see all points in different ways! What I am instructing you today is constantly maintain your belief in Jesus!

Many People Are Struggling Because They Are Going The Wrong Way

Being a Christian has to do with a new life in Christ! It’s a spiritual awaking for you, and also you need spiritual reality from the scriptures to stay on training course.

This Relationship of Presence

The relationship of existence has a complicated link to the continuum of efficiency and also impracticality. This relationship has no purpose, although a function may be met through it. This partnership has no objective or objective, although goals and also aims may be gotten to via it. This partnership has no meaning beyond itself, beyond itself, although significance may be satisfied through it.

Jesus Has Power Over All Distressing Situations Troubling You

Whatever your scenario is, Jesus invites you to find to Him! It’s right there written in the Holy bible for you to understand that Jesus is Alive, Mighty and Powerful!

Jesus Has A Storehouse Of Blessings For You

You have all new covenant true blessings made to you in Christ Jesus. Jesus is fantastic and also there are lots of great things He desires to do for you.

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