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Your October 2021 Tarot Reading: Why Taking A Step Backwards Will Propel You Forwards

Eugene Peterson, Pastoral Work and Eschatology

Eschatology for the uninitiated is about the end; inevitably death, judgment, destiny of soul and also humankind. But there’s a nuance of eschatology in pastoral work that Peterson recognizes as critical in the journey beyond the grips of ‘religious beliefs’ that suppresses all spiritual progression. We have to obtain past legalism, however we also need to get beyond a comfy never-comes-the-end spirituality.

Youth Ministry Object Lesson – Broken Water Balloons

You can not have summer season without a minimum of one water balloon battle. Water Balloons have an objective – to be loaded with water. As God’s creation each of us likewise has a function. Pascal claimed that all males were created with a God shaped vacuum – a vacuum in our lives only GOD can fill. When we attempt to load that emptiness with things apart from the Living Water, we will constantly really feel empty. We will constantly be dehydrated.

Why God Loves You More Than You Do

Here’s a secret not numerous know or identify to be true. It’s natural that we either do not like ourselves or we do not like bits of ourselves; important little bits.

Have You Truly Felt the Power of God?

Individuals who go to spiritual establishments and are persuaded right into thinking that they have the power of God are grossly misinformed and secured from truth. When the Spirit loads the body it is active and also prickling with an experience that is not of this globe. When it talks to me there is an altitude of recognition as well as the globe discolors from sight.

At the Mere Mention of Reincarnation, the Spirit Falls Over the Listener

Wow! It is the power of God to bring its own into the harvest. It maintains the reality and relapses the lies and also myths of spiritual deception as well as incorrect gods.

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