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Your Cosmic Update for May 24-20 | Astrology & Numerology Forecast

Bad news remember last week when we brought you news of saturn retrograde and remember, we said that you needn ‘ T worry too much, because saturn retrograde was nothing like mercury retrograde. Well, unfortunately, while that’s, true, it’s kind of irrelevant this week, because on saturday the most dreaded astro event rears its ugly head.

Hey guys, what’s up it’s rose from, and this is your cosmic update for may 24th to 30.. As always, i’ll. Give you a cosmic update and an overview of the week, and then i’ll break the week down day by day, to show you what you can expect every day and navigate it with grace and ease.

At the end, you can head to the link in the description to sign up to get this update straight to your inbox, every single monday. Okay, here we go. Mercury retrograde starts in just six days now, while you’re, busily preparing for the chaos to come, it’s.

Vital you, don’t, overlook the other events of this week. This week’s. Energy is largely dominated by wednesday’s, lunar eclipse in sagittarius. This lunation will bring emotional drama in abundance and the venus neptune square, the following day won’t, do much to help matters either.

All in all, this will be one of the more challenging weeks of 2021, especially in matters of love, money and travel. But knowledge is power right, so you can now listen to your daily breakdown of the week, so you can weather the storm to come ready.

Okay, now let’s. Go monday. The moon is in scorpio. Today, the sign of her fall so simply put it won’t, be the easiest start to the week, expect inflexibility stubbornness and uncompromise, but there are a few things that you can do to ensure you thrive today, head to the link in the description For the hat tuesday, today, the moon is in scorpio again just like yesterday, but its aspects with both mars and neptune, give it an altogether different.

Vibe today is a great day for psychic work and spiritual development. Wednesday today is the day of the lunar eclipse. Now the truth comes to the surface in many ways: whispered secrets, media broadcast, slow acceptance, light and bolts of realization.

Now, today’s, upcoming sagittarius, full moon and lunar eclipse shines a spotlight on the truth. You choose to accept and the truth you don’t. It’s time to get familiar with your truth and your voice, thursday feeling a little insecure.

Well, it’s, no surprise! When venus squares neptune today, it can have you feeling a little insecure, especially about who you are and how you look. You must realize, though, that what you’re feeling today should really be taken with a pinch of salt.

Your poor self-image and lack of self-confidence today are merely illusions. Thanks to this awesome planetary alignment. Friday now here at numerologist, we don’t really have favorite numbers, but the number one is pretty cool, it spells fresh, starts, new beginnings and second chances, and today we have the third number one power day of this month.

Now that’s, gonna be good news right. Well, we think it’s. The universe’s, way of forcing you to see what’s right in front of you. Will you take a leap saturday, uh-oh? The dreaded mercury retrograde is here, but the more retrogrades we go through the more we realize that they aren’t that bad and we come up with some new and innovative ways to make them better every single time.

Now, if you go to the link in the description, we have a cool natal chart trick that will keep you from a total breakdown over the next few weeks, sunday today, venus in conjuncts pluto, and you need to be prepared.

It’s, a transit that will bring out the worst in toxic relationships, so heed this warning and be ready for what’s to come, and by that we mean be ready to leave if you need to. So are you excited for this week? It’s a little bit of a strange one, isn’t.

It make sure you give us a thumbs up and subscribe to the channel. So you get next week’s, video right away and head to the link in the description now for a more comprehensive look at the week ahead.

See you next time,

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