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Cher, Prince, & Madonna Rose to Stardom Using Their Firstname Only!

When the 3 celebrities changed their full name to only their first name, a spark was ignited inside. And the world could not take their eyes off of them!

This post will explain the numerological indications of the powerful energy of numbers that evolved as a result of these name changes.

Changing Your Name

Are you thinking that it is time to revise your first name?

Changing your name can give you added qualities that you may be missing. However, you never lose your original expression from your birth name. Keep in mind that it is not always easy to change your name. Friends and family tend to forget, and it may be frustrating for you to continually remind them. But if it feels right, Go for it!

Cher, Prince, and Madonna

To illustrate, I have chosen three of the most popular entertainers who have changed their full birthname to be called by one name only ~ Cher, Prince, and Madonna. Take a look at their numerology charts. All three are unique icons, ever-changing their persona, music and influence in the world. There will never be another Cher, Prince, or Madonna.


Cher Change Name numerology
By Raph PH – Cher /Wikimedia

Cherilyn Sarkisian changed her name to the iconic popular singer and actor ‘Cher’ in 1978. Basically she did this to avoid being recognized with the last names of her husbands. (ie: Bono and Allman).

With her full birthname, Cher’s expression number is a ‘6’. The six is a very friendly and loved vibration. However, it does not have a punch to attract stardom.
Cher, on the other hand, adds to a ‘7’. The seven energy has a unique and spiritual outlook of life. As a proud non-conformist and pioneer blazer, Cher will be original in dress, and performance style,  Always changing into a new costume and persona. See chart below

  madonna change name numerology

Madonna Louise Ciccone

Madonna changed her birthname to reflect her first name only. and made it a trademark in the 1990s.

Change name numerology Madonna
By Revista Pelo – Issue 252 —Public Domain.

Ever changing her dress, image, songs, and performance, she continually challenges and often shocks the status quo of this world. She, Like Cher, has a birthname expression of a ‘6’ – a good, loving, and kind friend, but not a successful rockstar.

As ‘Madonna’, her expression becomes an 8 – the energy of a charismatic, powerful, influential, prosperous, and successful performer. (see chart below)

Change Name Numerology , Madonna


Prince change name
Prince at Cochella /Wikimedia

And last but not least, the beloved Prince. Most likely Prince changed to one name when he began his career writing and singing songs (possibly around 19 years old). Some of the desire was because he did not like his last name, but mostly he wanted to be the “only” Prince.

As Prince Rogers Nelson, he has a ‘1’ expression number. This number is a powerful leader that can inspire new types of music and entertainment.

As ‘Prince’ the sum is the master number ‘11’. (When two numbers are the same, they are called master numbers as they are double the energy of that number. So ‘11’ is mastery of an influential spirit of leadership and life-changing ideas and performance. His songs, costumes, and production paved an ever-changing role in music. He will always remain not like any other. May he rest in peace.

Prince numerology Prince changed hi name.

Is it time to change your name?

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